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Providing Everything You Need

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If you are sick, working late, or just can't make it by the pharmacy, please ask us about our FREE prescription delivery throughout Lamar County. Same day delivery is available if requested before 1pm. 


Don't have time to get out of the car? Just drive around and come through our convenient drive-thru.

Paying through the Car Window
Drug and Syringe


We have all adult vaccines available. No appointment necessary, but scheduling your vaccine will help us provide you with an easier experience.

Pill Packs

 If you are wanting to simplify your life, ask us about our prescription packaging. Our packaging comes in a convenient monthly box, and makes remembering to take your medications easy! No more bottles or weekly planners to keep up with. This service is provided at no additional charge to you. 



If you're tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy every month, let us simplify your life. Ask us about synchronization today! We can arrange for all of your medications to be ready on one day each month, saving you time and money.

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